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I created Timely Intervention to enhance the quality of life for those who are seeking answers and solutions to complex issues that have lead to behavioral problems and addiction.

Your past choices and mine were not wrong; they just did not work for us. By understanding this connection we will be responsible and accountable for how we treat ourselves emotionally and physically. In order to lead a healthy and productive life we must first understand the effects our past choices have made on our lives today both emotionally and physically. Too often in our society the quality of life and self-evaluation is diminished by the negative views we hold on ourselves and the power we give others opinions. Once we are able to gain a positive self-evaluation on who we are and what we are our unhealthy choices will not dictate what or who we become.

It is along with best regards that I give special thanks to you and your employees for the assistance that your team provided me to make my ID. In the absence of your help it could be very difficult or maybe even impossible, to be able to travel.

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I tenaciously cling to the belief that all individuals are not alike. I know we think alike, have similar likes and dislikes. What separates each of us is the desire to make changes. The pathway to my personal success was to allow myself to be part of society but on my own path. In the past I sought solutions to problems without complete knowledge and understanding of what I needed versus what I wanted. Once I gained the knowledge I became responsible for the choices that allowed me to make positive changes in my life.

Dennis Henning